My Handwriting- what do you think?


I thought I would do a post about my handwriting which is one of the few things about me that people actually like- even those who dislike me….


Naturally I get comments like, ‘You would not have thought someone as ugly as that could produce handwriting like that’


Or some people stealing my papers to analyse the my finely drawn letters on a piece of paper in sixth form…. I think it’s largely genetic for my older brother has nice handwriting as well…


Sorry brag session over….. Tell me what you think!

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3 thoughts on “My Handwriting- what do you think?

  1. You’ve got no problems Zach. Look at my face and then think that ( when my hands were steady) I used to do caligraphy. Mind you, I haven’t got any prettier since I stopped !

  2. It looks very nice and readable. Though I can’t see it closely, from the days I studied handwriting it would appear you are a well-balanced person who is not interested in the far ends of religion or carnal desires. Slightly moody, you tend to be on the affectionate side without being smothering. Too bad more people don’t handwrite any more. Don’t know if I’m anywhere close to how you see yourself, but old studies still lurk–right or wrong.

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