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Focusing on Careers: Zach’s story

Originally posted on Leeds Masters Scholarships Scheme:
MSc Management I graduated in 2011 with a non-accredited Biomedical degree and since then, despite successfully finding employment, I had found myself struggling to progress towards a satisfactory career in the same way as peers who have business degrees. Therefore, my motivation to return to university was not…

The bitchy sisters of Arendelle: Frozen Review

Review Frozen claims three historical points for Disney. First, it is the first post-modern revisionist fairy tale to gross over circa 1.097 billion dollars and, therefore, the highest grossing animated feature ever made. Second, the fundamental imperatives that rendered Disney obsolete by Pixar’s crass, consumerist and commercial aspects, throughout the previous decade, are restored in … Continue reading

My Handwriting- what do you think?

Originally posted on Blogster:
I thought I would do a post about my handwriting which is one of the few things about me that people actually like- even those who dislike me…. Naturally I get comments like, ‘You would not have thought someone as ugly as that could produce handwriting like that’ Or some people…

Why Angelina Jolie is a role model for young people…..

Why Angelina Jolie is a role model for young people…..

Glossy, eyes like diamonds, skin like  living alabaster, chiselled cheekbones and with a somewhat sophisticated demeanour, Angelina Jolie is considered to be bizarrely beautiful when compared with her fellow Hollywood contemporaries. For unlike younger stars such as Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart, Ms Jolie’s looks are dark, exotic, and elegantly mature. Nothing is refined as … Continue reading