Focusing on Careers: Zach’s story

Leeds Masters Scholarships Scheme


MSc Management

I graduated in 2011 with a non-accredited Biomedical degree and since then, despite successfully finding employment, I had found myself struggling to progress towards a satisfactory career in the same way as peers who have business degrees. Therefore, my motivation to return to university was not only to compensate for this, but to develop a transferable set of skills that would make me employable regardless of the working environment. The Postgraduate Financial Support Package is helping me turn this into a reality.

Generally, a misconception of the business management degree is that it is only the management of people or businesses, but in fact it also deals with the management of information and the capabilities of managers. This will be invaluable to the career that I want in business analysis. I have already been very impressed with the business acumen, insight and transferable skills I am developing through my course…

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