My Handwriting- what do you think?

I thought I would do a post about my handwriting which is one of the few things about me that people actually like- even those who dislike me….


Naturally I get comments like, ‘You would not have thought someone as ugly as that could produce handwriting like that’


Or some people stealing my papers to analyse the my finely drawn letters on a piece of paper in sixth form…. I think it’s largely genetic for my older brother has nice handwriting as well…


2014-03-08 11.53.48

Sorry brag session over….. Tell me what you think!

33 thoughts on “My Handwriting- what do you think?

  1. I’m kinda jealous actually!! I’m working to improve my writing, both in script/cursive and print. *Thumbs up* and brag all you like. I have a penpal who has GORGEOUS handwriting. It’s a rare thing to find in my opinion πŸ˜€

  2. You do have a beautiful handwriting. You should be happy to blessed with that. I myself have an atrocious one. There are times when even I can not read what I wrote. I am not beautiful, I am old and ugly. I go unnoticed by everyone including my so called husband. However, I look upon my soul, and reflect on my talent and I see beauty, That’s all I need to know I’m worthy to take a place on this planet. I think if you search, you’ll find a reason why you deserve to be loved besides your beautiful handwriting.

    • Julie, you are worthy to have a place on this planet simply because you were born. The fact that you recognize your soul and talent as beauty puts you eons ahead of most people. Good job! One of the characters in a book I wrote (sorry for the plug -it’s shameless I know) says “Our bodies may grow old but our souls don’t. They just grow.”
      You cannot possibly be old and ugly. I’m positive you are ageless and beautiful in a way that makes you You. I’m even willing to bet you are ‘natural’ and not made up to be something you’re not.

  3. Your penmanship’s great. Be proud of it.If you want to go further,consider having your handwriting be analyzed by an expert. They say that our handwriting is a reflection of who we are. It could be fun and revealing as to how we think,feel and act. Just a thought.

  4. Yes, your ‘penmanship’ is quite neat and very legible, indeed. They have stopped teaching ‘handwriting’ in schools here have opted for ‘keyboarding skills…pshhhhpfftttt!…REALLY! How in the hell is someone supposed to know how to scribe their SIGNATURE to a document…oh, wait a minute..that’s right…DIGITALLY…great.
    It will be a lost art, sooner than we think.
    Nice work, Zach..You’ve every right to brag.

  5. I changed from cursive to “print” in 5th Grade after seeing some other dude’s print. My cursive is still as messy as it was back then. Plus I can write faster in print now. I think my print does have some cursive background… I write in italics and regular on random choice lol. We had to do handwriting even at Grade 1! They should teach it still, it becomes part of a person’s personality and uniqueness as you can see πŸ™‚

    Also, stop taking the hits from haters – they must have some ugliness inside that they have to vent at others to make themselves seem higher up.

  6. Your handwriting is actually quite lovely! I wish my handwriting scrolled so nicely.

    As for those who said those nasty things about you, please ignore their hateful comments. These people should keep their thoughts to themselves, and are negative people. They thrive off of putting people down. Keep your head up, Zach!

  7. Handwriting, that elusive art that can only be learnt right the first time.. in second grade my best friend and I hated cursive writing classes… and we would worry about how we would grow up to have atrocious writing because we never did our homework!

  8. Neat! I’ll score your handwriting as follows:
    readability: 7/10
    neatness : 10/10
    consistency: 10/10
    When you look at the page it looks bloody brilliant! πŸ˜› How do fare on a plain page though?
    I kind of write on plain sheets more often, and the font is so tiny, you’d probably need squint at the page! My lines come of fairly straight so the result is something that looks awesomely compressed still the effect is bloody brilliant!
    Even then I’d prefer to have a handwriting like yours! πŸ˜›
    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  9. Very nice! I used to practice lettering incessantly as a child. For a time, I wanted to be left handed, so I practiced writing with my left every day. I still have some of the notebooks. It was a strange obsession.

    As a result, my handwriting is of decent quality πŸ™‚

  10. My handwriting style and the direction it leans in can change completely from day to day, even hour to hour on the same piece of paper! I wonder what that says about me? Maybe I’m best not knowing haha! I’ve never been able to replicate my own signature precisely either.

  11. I used to write my fiction/plays on a yellow legal pad. Once I made the leap, which I was convinced would not work, to my Mac my handwriting went south or north or somewhere in a hand basket. You are worthy of an award . . .

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