Zany decides to a do a master’s degree!!

The moment when the soul of every graduate is totally sapped to low ebbs is when they have realised the futility of the university experience itself, and how three years of hard work could do so little to distinguish them from their graduating cohort. The over abundance of graduates on the job market can only be attributed to the fact that going to university has now become a fashionable trend amongst the young – despite their skill-set, most likely, not matching the experience . Defying all expectations, I refused to sink into a cynical wave of depression, despite me genuinely disliking my undergraduate degree; I maintained the grounded reality that going to university was not useless, my degree was.


Therefore, contrary to popular criticisms that a master’s degree would make me over-qualified for everything, I have decided to pursue the course itself with whole-hearted integrity. Naturally, there is a career based rationale behind this; Indeed, I hope that the degree itself will not only bring substantial gravitas to my CV, but also deepen the skill-set that was not developed on my hilariously bad undergraduate degree.



However the real motivation lies in the fact that I chose the degree for all the wrong reasons: The most prominent of which was that it was fatally incompatible with my interests and skill set – something that I am trying to alleviate with this master’s course.



This year’s Oscar winner: Lupita has a master’s degree from Yale University

To supersede the mess that was my undergraduate degree with a master’s degree that I am genuinely interested in seems a luxury that could not be afforded; something that wasn’t infinitely tangible. But, somehow, with my enthusiasm, I can see it in the future. Funny how motivation can go a long way….

What do you think? Could a master’s degree really help?

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17 thoughts on “Zany decides to a do a master’s degree!!

  1. Here, Here and bravo! With a new mind set how could it not? With more education you become an even bigger force to reckon with…I say, go for it with a passion!

  2. I believe that universities lure students into thinking that graduate studies (PhDs) in particular are going to students employable in academia once graduating, but it is not bloody likely. People toil away 6 or 7 years on PhDs these days, which is quite exploitative in my opinion. Current academic culture does not prepare people for the non-academic jobs they are more likely to find upon graduation. That said there are a lot of ‘applied’ graduate programs aimed at getting people jobs. I thought colleges were traditionally meant to offer these types of programs, but universities have offered these types of programs to bring in more dough. Luckily, I paid tuition in Canada so my rates for graduate studies were low and it did make me more employable afterward. All of this said, I am a believer of pursuing higher education to increase one’s knowledge and to challenge oneself. Think: would I have regrets if I didn’t go back to school? If the answer is yes, then do it.

  3. Hah! I am in the same predicament, I realised that the decision to do the undergrad degree I have wasn’t a well thought out decision, I was 18 and just out of highschool with this belief that university is the only step to take next, so I chose my degree by elimination, I eliminated things that I wasn’t good at like accounting then I eliminated things I hate and the only choice left was business management so I chose that did it and completed it… but turns out no one wants to hire a business management grad, the degree is too broad.. I should have specialised but my fear of specialising was that I would be stuck so I chose the broad option. Feeling disappointed that my shiny new degree (cum laude might I add) wasn’t getting me a job, I decided to go for masters but right now I am doing a degree in-between masters so that I can qualify for masters-that’s how the education systems work here much to my annoyance would have loved to go straight for masters. Anyway this is quite tedious but it’s rare for me to find someone out there in the academic realm who feels they made a wrong decision doing the degree they did. If you don’t my asking which undergrad degree did you complete and what arear are you pursuing with your masters degree?-just curious. I think at the end of the day in terms of the whole education and employability debacle it’s opportunity meets determination, if you happen to have a degree and you are at the right place at the right time you have a bit of edge as compared to those without a degree.

  4. A Master’s Degree will definitely help in the longrun and you’ll be glad that you got it. The price is something too think about though and I would only recommend pursuing a Master’s degree once you have a job. You need a little income in the meantime because a Master’s degree is pricey and you don’t want to start racking up a lot of debt with today’s interest rates. Still, I think that it’s a good idea to go for it!

  5. oh the magic ticket to the dream job never existed – not in the past not now, maybe in the past with an MBA you were on a fast track for a high paying job, but the degree doesnt define the dream job, your vision and what you want from life does, and in my experience and talking with loads of professionals that is usually a process as you work through other jobs to find out what really floats your boat :) good luck

  6. #1 – people can take away jobs & money from you… no one can take away your education
    #2 – more education + great experience in the field is always best
    #3 – if you’re changing focus – then often a different degree is required
    good on you!

  7. If only because you actually feel passionate about this course rather than your undergrad, definitely go for it! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your undergrad! What was it in? (A few of my friends either dropped out of theirs or transferred across- though I’m sure many more completed theirs begrudgingly). I am lucky in that my passion/choice in degree happens to be quite high on the employability list- but that is pure coincidence as I chose it simply because it was the course for me. There are many jobs out there if you search enough and you don’t even need to have a related job (luckily for historians ;p). I can tell just from reading about it that you feel this is something you really want, so go get it!
    If you enjoy what you do, from medicine to interpretive dance, and you aren’t hurting anyone, you should absolutely and always chase your dreams.

    • Hi Charlotte

      Thanks so much! Really glad you commented on this. My degree was from BMedSc – Bachelor of Medical Sciences- Birmingham University (the redbrick one!). I know, AstroPhysics at Exeter is bound to get employer’s tongues wagging unlike the mess that everyone calls ;my degree’, which has employers in hysterics, but for all the wrong reasons. I should have dropped out but I am berating myself for the cowardice that prevented me from doing so. .

      Your advice is spot on by the way.

      • Bachelor of medical sciences?! From the way you’re talking its like you did a degree in Ancient history! Truth be told I would probably do what you did and stuck with it- I wouldn’t easily admit defeat and would hold out that maybe it was just these modules or that lecturer and it might get better.

  8. My sort of asked for view without previous experience of having gained a master’s myself, only BA: It will only help if you get it in a subject you love so much you would pursue more knowledge about the subject even if you didn’t need to work at all.

  9. I think with everything it’s what you make it and how you use it. I have finished my BA degree and I can find a bunch of people who have told me that doing a masters has changed their lives, I could also find a handful who have had successful careers without needing a masters. You just need to ask yourself what you want from your masters and how it will help you get to that next step.

    I do not plan to do a masters, however I would definitely do one if I felt I needed more knowledge on a subject/industry.

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